Student Services

If our Student Services Team's role could be summed up in one word, it would be DIVERSE. Our team works with all aspects of a student life: academic, family, personal, social and developmental. Student Services works hand-in-hand with students, parents and teachers to assist with each student's success. The following are several key areas of support that are provided by the Student Services Team:

  • Provide transition support as students move from elementary to middle and from middle to high school.

  • Communicate with elementary and high school teachers and counseling staff.

  • Counsel students who struggle with personal, peer, family and academic issues.

  • Act as an advocate between students, teachers, and parents.

  • Monitor academic progress of students.

  • Provide direct counseling services to students individually and in support groups.

  • Offer education and support services to parents.

  • Facilitate the career exploration process for students.

  • Provide opportunities for families to connect with community agencies and resources.

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Contact Information


Katelyn Biggar
Katelyn Biggar
Student Success Coordinator
218-847-9228 Ext 3109
Kari Swoboda
Kari Swoboda
Counselor - Students M-Z  
218-847-9228 Ext 3109
Shelley Cervantes
Shelley Cervantes
Social Worker - Students A-L
218-847-9228 Ext 3107
Colleen Weigel
Student Services
Administrative Assistant
218-847-9228 Ext 3106