Family Newsletter

February 1, 2021

DLMS will be transitioning to the In Person Learning Model on Feb. 8, 2021.  We are excited to have students back!  

It is imperative that all students wear their masks correctly, covering mouth and nose during the day.  We need to protect each other as best we can and must be diligent on this.

Other important Information regarding this change:

1.  DLMS will utilize our tradition 8 period day for grades 7 and 8.  DLMS will stagger passing times/dismissal to mitigate student contact in halls.  We will continue to distance students as much as feasible in classrooms and will continue to mitigate distance at lunch. Time periods will be posted on our website and shared by teachers for students. Sixth grade changes will be shared with students by homeroom teacher and teams.   

2.  Distance Learning in 7th and 8th grade will look different as we have our students Face to Face.  Distance learning instruction will be provided via live stream of classes. Distance Students will join the live stream via google classroom.  Teachers will also post assignments/activities in google classroom for students.  It is the expectation that students will join the live stream of each class during the day.  This live stream is not interactive.  Teachers are in front of face to face students and are not able to interact with distance students live.  Distance students in need of assistance should contact the teacher via  email or google classroom methods for assistance.  Assistance may be set up via google meets when teachers are available for individual or small groups.  Streaming options are not available for non distance students.  It is highly recommended that if your student is able to attend in person that they do so. If students are coming back to In Person from Distance, contact the counselor to set up a transition plan.

3.  Picture Retakes - Feb. 10, 9:00am in commons

4.  Student Council Activities - Feb 12 - Red and White Day - Completing first week together.  Feb. 10-12 Candy Gram Sales - Delivered Feb. 16, Feb. 19-Hat Day with proceeds going to Suicide Prevention.  ($1 sticker to wear a school appropriate hat.)  Feb. 22-26 Snowball Week - More information coming out on days of week.

I am so glad to be In Person Model next week!  The school has been too quiet. Thank you for the opportunity to educate your child!

Mike Suckert, Principal Detroit Lakes Middle School