At Home

What you can do at home:

  1. Each middle school student is given a planner for keeping track of their assignments – help your child get in the habit of bringing it home each day so you can review upcoming work with her or him.

  2. Help your child get into a study habit! Set aside a certain time of day to do homework and find a spot that’s free from distractions like TV, taking a nap, or other people’s noise.

  3. Make sure your student’s getting enough sleep at night and eating breakfast in the morning – kids need all the energy they can get to keep their brains working strong all day!

  4. And most important of all, make sure your child is in school! Regular school attendance is one of the biggest factors in school success.

  5. Parents, keep trying to talk to AND LISTEN TO your kids – they may not always want to talk to you, but you need to give them every opportunity to talk so they’ll come to you when they need to.

For families with internet access, get in the habit of checking your child’s grades on Skyward every student has access to this program and parents/guardians do, too!

  • Students & Parents/guardians can get login and password information by contacting the Student Services Office at (218) 847.9228 x3106.