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Detroit Lakes Middle School  
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Grading and Skyward Information

for Parents and Guardians 

We have had a GREAT start to the year with our kids and want to thank you for that! We would also like to remind you of a few things related to grading and Skyward.

You have probably already noticed a change in how your student's grades look in Skyward.  Each teacher is using Minnesota Academic Standards for the content taught in their class and is grading student's achievement of standards based on the following proficiency scale.

4=Exceeds Standards

3=Meets Standards

2=Partially Meets Standards

1=Does Not Meet Standards

0=No Evidence

We are not using any percentages as related to an "A, B,C, D, F" scale.  There is no comparison in the new scale of "4, 3, 2, 1, 0" to the old "A-F" scale.

Our goal is to have grades that accurately reflect a student's achievement!

If your child has a 3(M) or a 4 (E) on practice, formatives and summative...then they are doing a great job and are right where they need to be!  If you click on the letter for each class, it will open up and show the assignments done in that class along with the grades for those assignments.  Please click on the "bubble icon" by your child's assignments to view any comments from that teacher.  

If you have any questions, please contact the teachers on your child's team!

Thank you!

Teams Spirit, Imagination, Quest, Globetrotters, Sonics and 5th Grade




May 2015


May 11-15- MCA Science Testing grades 5-8

May 15 - 5th Grade Field Day

May 14 - Presidential Academic Awards for 5th Grade @1:00 in Auditorium

May 15 - Presidential Academic Awards for 6th Grade @ 1:00 in Auditorium

May 18 - Presidential Academic Awards for 7th Grade @ 1:00 in Auditorium 

May 19 - Presidential Academic Awards for 8th Grade @ 1:00 in Auditorium

May 20 - Locker clean out

May 21- Last student day 



 June 2015


June 1-25 DLMS Summer School at Middle School 8:00-12:00 Monday through Thursday!



 August 2015


August 3-4 Come Together Workshop

  • Middle School Football Camp

August 10- High School Fall Sports Begin

August 10-13 - DLMS Jump Start Begins

August 24 - Middle School Fall Sports Begin

August 27 - New Teacher Inservice

August 31- September 2 - Teacher Workshop


September 2015


September 2 - Middle School Open House

September 8 - Opening Day of School

September 15- Middle School Picture Day